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Why You Need Lance-a-lot

Lance-a-lot provides not just one but 5+ ways for remote workers to create an income, giving you the power to significantly boost your earnings! 

+ Lance-a-lot allows you to keep a whopping 95% of those earnings!

Whether you're seeking remote employment, offering gigs, is a creator of digital products, have a full time business working remotely with clients, or seeking to hire remote workers, Lance-a-lot gives you the tools to do it all successfully.

Feature Highlights

Set up Your Personal Store

Sell your expertise and services. Sell your digital products. Sell your time.

Schedule Appointments

Schedule free and paid appointments. Offer services and  project discussions

Create or Upload Resume

Create your resume on Lance-a-lot or upload one you've already done. 

Post Remote Jobs Free  

No more paying to advertise your job openings. Do it free on Lance-a-lot.

Guaranteed Payments

Lance-a-lot's Escrow system ensures you get paid on time, every time.

Video Conferencing

This and other exciting features coming soon, will open new earning opportunities.

Keeping the 'FREE' in Freelancing

One of the reasons you love remote working, love being a freelancer is because it’s flexible. 

But how many times have you wished that the places you signed up to, gave you more flexibility….. more ways to earn, more ways to promote yourself and gave you more of the money YOU had to work for?

With Lance-a-lot, it's Free to join. It's Free to post multiple listings, services, gigs, remote jobs, and downloadable products.  You are Free to decide how you offer your services, and you are Free to choose when to be active and when to take a break. Take charge. Work your way, knowing we are busy in the background marketing you.

Lance-a-lot is the Complete Freelance Solution You've Always Wanted.

Your Own Dashboard

Stay in control...

Stay on top of, and in control of every aspect of your business and services from one convenient front-end dashboard. Track your sales, visitors and likes etc. See your messages, appointments. Stay in control.

Lance-a-Lot is RISK FREE

There is no risk… Lance-a-lot gives you more control over how you work more than any other platform.

If you're new to Freelancing Lance-a-lot is your safest option as there are no joining fees, no listing fees… there is no upfront cost to you. You can sell and learn as you go, and don't forget, you keep 95% of what you earn.

If you are an experienced service provider working as a self-employed business or if you currently work from a different marketplace platform, Lance-a-lot allows you an additional way of earning, with similar control over when and how you work plus the additional benefit of a community and marketing that’s done for you.


This would not be a business without buyers. Rest assured that you will soon have more than enough buyers knocking on your door. We are in the background marketing aggressively to ensure your success.

5 Reasons You Should Choose Lance-a-lot

  1. 1
    Remote Service Provider. You have expertise and experience others need to be profitable and are therefore willing to pay for. Lance-a-lot gives you the tools to freely offer your expertise globally from the comfort of anywhere there's an internet connection, all the while maintaining a healthy work life balance. Work should be fun. Take charge and work your way.
  2. 2
    Digital Product Creator. Chances are you've heard the term, content is king. Buyers are willing more than ever to pay you for information and templates that allows them to be more efficient, more quickly. Lance-a-lot give you an additional outlet to list as many creations as you like completely free, and keep more of your earnings than you would on other platforms.
  3. 3
    Micro Service Provider. The ability to offer one-time gigs and quick turnaround services makes you an integral part of the Freelancing world and gives you the flexibility to use it as a side hustle or as your mainstream income. Lance-a-lot allows you to make the most of this, by allowing you the freedom to choose when you work, charging you nothing to list your gigs and allowing you to retain 95% of your earnings.
  4. 4
    Remote Hiring Company. Save big on your hiring cost by listing as many projects as needed, free. Now more than ever is the best time to save big on the cost of traditional hires and find quality remote workers who can assist with long term projects up to 12 months. Lance-a-lot will not only provide you with a quality pool of talent but will keep your listings free.
  5. 5
    Remote Jobseeker. Lance-a-lot not only allows you to sell your gigs, digital products, or services, but you can also search and apply for long term projects up to 12 months for free. You will also have the tools to create your resume on Lance-a-lot or upload the one you have. Whichever way you choose it will always be free. It is easy to get started... Just sign up risk free.

Lance-a-lot was started as a way of giving ambitious people the best chance at finding success on a global stage without the barrier of multiple upfront cost.

Through this platform, Lance-a-lot is keen to play it's part in financially strengthening talented entrepreneurial minds, by placing them at the forefront of the global multi-billion-dollar freelance market.

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 and many losing out on work, now is a better time than ever for ambitious people to consider remote working as a serious option.
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 Here's to your success

 Lance-a-lot team

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Sellers keep 95% of Earnings

Sellers receive 95% of the Sale Price on all digital products, services and bookings they sell. Lance-a-lot will rise to the top of the freelance market-space. Get in on the action early and rise with us.

Buyers access the best Skills

Find the best talent for you. Save time with Lance-a-lot and quickly find freelancers available for long and short term hire and quick gig orders. As an employer or customer, Lance-a-lot is Free to use.

We are intent on being the best!

Whether you're seeking remote employment, offering gigs, is a creator of digital products, have a full time business working remotely with clients, or seeking to hire remote workers, Lance-a-lot gives you the tools to do it all successfully.


100% No Risk Decision

Lance-a-lot is your safest marketplace option as there are no joining fees, no listing fees… there is no upfront cost to you. You can sell and learn as you go, and don't forget, you keep 95% of what you earn..

Lance-a-lot Team

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